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“We store all our business data in our C.A.R.L. (computer aided residential lettings) system. It is essential that it is backed up safely and securely because we simply couldn’t function without it. The system contains all our data on our landlords, our tenants, our properties and their maintenance history. It contains details of all our business transactions and details from the past 3-4 years. Without access to this system we would be back in the ‘dark ages’, working with pieces of paper and limited systems.” She continues: “The Replicate Data backup solution from 24/7 Uptime works for us because it backs up the C.A.R.L. system as well as all our other business correspondence, documents and emails. It gives us complete peace of mind that we can retrieve valuable data in the event of a disaster and it also keeps client information safe and secure.”

Sommer Waterhouse
Greentree Lettings

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"Replicate Data's offsite data backup is straight forward and simple to use - much easier and more cost effective than I'd thought. It's a real no brainer."

George Mumford
Dolland & Aitchison


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"My previous data backup solution cost more than 4x the Replicate Data cost. To change my settings or to add more files to be backed up, I had to ring my provider to get them to do it for me. Replicate Data offsite data backup solution is so easy to use with many more features; switching my provider is a no brainer."

Mike Lister

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The people behind Replicate Data tell you what they can do ..... then do it! I know them, like them and trust them.... a true basis of a perfect business relationship."

Will Kintish, Managing Director & UK Chief Presenter


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The system was installed with ease in the summer of 2008 without a problem. Unfortunately, on Monday december 29th, Viva opened for business only to discover that the server hard drive  had fatally crashed over the holiday weekend, losing all the data it had stored. Restoring the data on the damaged drive was impossible. This could have had a hugely damaging issues for the business. However, Replicate Data were on hand. An engineer diagonised the problem immediately, ordered a new drive, installed it and restored the backup. The process took very little time. Tony said: "Backing up data is a little like life insurance. You hope you never really need to test it. Without the backup solution provided by Replicate Data, our business would have had a terrible, possible fatal, start to the New Year. Instead, I was happy that our precious data was backed up and we managed to restore everything in no time. You could say Replicate Data saved our business."

Tony Garner, Managing Director
Viva PR


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"I was very impressed to receive an e-mail Replicate Data last week pointing out that there were warnings on my data backup report and suggesting possible causes. BT never did that!"

Karen Pheasant, Managing Director
Ladies Workout Express
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"Thank you for such personal service in setting up this valuable data backup tool for my business. It is incredibly easy to use."

Ric Eaton, Managing Director
Aclaim Developments


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"An excellent backup solution - initial set-up was very straight forward; Replicate Data's instructions are very clear and easy to understand; I could continue to work as normal during initial data upload and subsequent uploads are very quick."

Colin Foster, Managing Director
Universal Solutions for Business
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